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January 26, 2009

This Saturday!

This Saturday my DS will walk into the confessional at our church to receive for the very first time reconciliation. He of course is a little nervous, but at the same time he can't WAIT!!! He has been counting down the days and today announce with joy, the same joy a child would get when it's days before their Birthday and/or days before Christmas, "Mama ONLY 5 more days"!!!

To be honest I never in a million years would think a child would be so happy about this day coming; It does me good to see that he is so happy about it! I'm on the other hand think I'm more nervous about it all then him. Our church has set aside a special time for this to happen not only that, but the parents and/or older siblings are encouraged to receive the sacrament as well. So really it's a "family" reconciliation time, with special care for those that will be receiving for the very first time and for those that may not have gone for ages!!

I'm still at times in shocked that my DS is old enough for all of this!! At times it seem as only if yesterday he was in Kindergarten. Oh my how the time goes by...

After this Saturday there will be a week or 2 off then after that they will start up the Communion Classes. My DS is set to receive First Communion on April 4th. At this time I don't know if he will actually receive communion or not. I'm leaving that up to him. He'll have to go to the classes, but when the time comes he will have to decided if this is what he wants. He, on his own, has decided to go ahead and receive reconciliation. He'll make that decision when it comes to first communion as well.

I still can't believe it's that time!!!! Wow!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much SAHM!
    Great video! My kids and I really enjoyed it!
    We will keep your ds in our prayers...we also have a dd preparing for the same Sacraments!


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