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January 4, 2009

Old Fashion Phones

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this will sum up what this post is about.That is my cell phone next to the battery pack for the video camera (camcorder) that we just got this week for the kids. Why is it next to the phone you wonder? Well the words on the battery pack should be helpful. Under the words battery pack it states "for camcorders AND cellular telephones."

LOL!!! I don't know of any cell phone today that uses a battery that is so HUGE!!! Clearly the video camera that we got for the kids this last week is an older VHS camcorder. The kids have expressed interest in making films. So I put a request out there on freecycle to see if anyone had a working camera they were willing to part with, even if it was VHS. My amateur film makers don't care they just want to be able to make films. Thankfully we did get someone willing to fulfill our request. The kids have been having fun making films.

We had huge laugh when we realized what the battery for the video camera stated on it. After all that battery is heavy!!! I think that this battery is at least 4 times the weight of the phone next to it. We made jokes of people falling over while using the cell phone. LOL

All of this prompted more interest from the kids. They now want to learn about phones and seeing real examples of what my DD called "Old Fashion Phones" like the "giant cell phone". DH and I just looked at each other with puzzlement and wonder when did we become old fashion....LOL

I do remember reading an article in my utility company's magazine/newsletter thing about a telephone museum of sorts near by (or at least I think it is). I don't remember now, nor do I remember the name. I guess I'll have to by pass the bear hunt and go on a museum hunt instead.

I'm going on a (telephone) museum hunt, can't go over it, can't go under it.....LOL

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