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January 27, 2009

Footwallits! (foot-wall-itis)

Overview and facts: It is a rare hereditary disease where the foot actually becomes attached to the wall. Known cases of this disease is one in zillion. Symptoms of this disease show up in childhood around the ages of 6-8 and the effects are known to last a life time.

Diagnosis: The foot is attached to the wall

Treatment: The foot needs to be removed from the wall. This is done with the aid of a working model helicopter. The blades of the helicopter need to be in good working order. This aids in prying the foot off of the wall.

Care: Lots Of Laughter and good family fun is in order too!!! It's good to make up stuff and have a good laugh!!! Siblings are so much fun to play with!! Mom and Dad get a belly laugh too!!

Documented Cases: As this article stated in the beginning the chances of this happening are 1 in a zillion, but SAHMinIL cameras did catch one such case.
PS: The children were the ones that made all of this up. DD put her foot on the wall and was like oh-no it's stuck. She then called to her brother to ask for help. He said don't worry I can fix you. DH and I ask them what they are up too and DD informed us that she has footwallitis (foot-wall-itis). DS informed us that he was treating it to make her better. LOL What a belly laugh!!!

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