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January 7, 2009

Have I Been Hit With Sloth?

Sloth is defined as spiritual and/or actual apathy or laziness, putting off what God asks you to do, or not doing it or anything at all. The Latin "acedia" can be translated as meaning "the don't care feeling". The History Channel last week was running a series entitled: The Seven Deadly Sins; which brought all of this to my front of my mind. Have I been hit with Sloth?

Why do I wonder? Well it's the state of my house that makes me wonder! It's my attitude towards schooling that makes me wonder! My house is a mess!! Sure it will never be perfect, but at time it's worst then others. I know what I'm suppose to be doing, I'm just not doing it.

Schooling has been slow this week... Caused by my lack of planning. I know that I have to do it, I just didn't do it. Sure it didn't get done when it normally does due to my nephew being here, but him being here shouldn't have stopped me dead in my tracks! Should it??

Maybe I'm putting off my calling from God to be a housewife/homeschooling mother? Perhaps I don't have my priorities in the right place? How do I know? What are my priorities? Is it the schooling first or the housework first?

Schooling is important but if the house is a mess it makes it harder? If I focus to much on the housework then I feel as if I messing up the schooling? I need a clear cut mission!! I need to clearly know that it is that God wants from me, but lately I feel as if I'm lost in the fog!

How will I find my way out of the fog??


  1. Ok...I love this post. Not only because I happen to think three-toed sloths are very cool, but because your answer is also on your blog. All you have to do is turn on your computer to you Blog and Listen to this music. In no time your house will be clean. It made me want to dust so I could dance and I can't even walk with out my walker yet!LOL!

    Really, the answer is at your feet. Do not look at the whole house or even the whole room. Look at your feet and whatever is there, pick up that. In no time you have looked just at your feet and everything is done and you were not overwhelmed by the whole of it.

    Secondly, Tiany, our admin has the best housecleaning zone system I have ever seen. Go to her blog.

    Thirdly, Gregg Harris the author of the Christian Home School says EVERY homeschool mom needs parttime help!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. Really I am serious I can't turn it off....
    You, You make me feel brand new.....

    Grab the cleanser and go girl!!!

    Because of Jesus,Bobbie

    ....Times are good or bad happy or sad come on Let's Let's stay together....

    This is Judy from THL...
    I was stuck in that quandary of housework/school/housework/school for a very long time...what is my mission Lord...where are my priorities...

    And, God has shown me in time that my priority is HIM (of course)...and after that my family...(dh and kids)...so, I think, as homeschool moms, we can't say..."THIS" is my mission and priority...but rather...each day, we must begin by asking Him "What is my mission TODAY Lord?"...
    Some days, He will want us to set school aside in order that we regain order in the home...and some days, He will want us to focus on those lessons and let the laundry pile up for a time...The questions is: How should we approach THIS day, given to us by Him as a GIFT so that we can live-out the hours in a way that brings Him glory through our family...I HAVE been hit by SLOTH in some areas...your post helped me to see that...THANK YOU...
    Let's pray that we can approach our homeschool days, asking God to show us our priority for THAT day...and offering EACH thing we do to Him (somehow, when I read that, I don't want to offer Him my "lack of caring" "slothful" attitude...YIKES).
    Today, the mission might be dishes, tomorrow, it might be Grammar and Arithmetic...THANKS FOR HELPING ME SEE THAT!
    God bless you!


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