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January 31, 2009


Well today was the BIG day for my DS! He received for the very first time the sacrament of reconciliation. He couldn't wait for this day! This morning before we left he was doing the "chicka chicka boom boom dance". (I'm not sure how else to describe what he was doing LOL)

When we asked him how he felt about going he said "I'm nervous, but I'm also EXCITED" He truly was grinning ear to ear. So we left this morning, arrived at the church shortly before 9:00 am. We walked in and sat down in the church. Shortly after 9:00 our rector started with a Gospel reading (the prodigal son). After the Gospel reading he did a short homily (sermon) and then explain to everyone that he would be in his confessional and one of our associate pastors would be in his confessional.

The rector then went on to explain that the children were to go first and then when the children were done the parents and/or older siblings were free to go confession. He also said that afterward we were invited to go to our fellowship hall area for coffee, tea, hot coca, donuts and fruit.

So we asked DS who he wanted to go to and he choose our associate pastor and thus got into line. After leaving the confessional he did his penance and then I took him and my DD to fellowship hall for donuts, fruit, and hot cocoa. DH stayed behind and when to the confession himself. The original plan was that I would go to, but we didn't know that there would be treats and the kids just wanted to go.

While eating our treats my DS asked "Mama, why didn't you go?" I told him because I felt that I needed to be mommy and keep and eye on you and be with you while you are here (in fellowship hall). My kids are good kids and I really do trust them, but I also know that it was best to keep an eye on them. I then shared with my DS that I would be going next Saturday and he right away perked up and said "would you take me?". I said sure if he wanted to go I would take him. He just beamed ear to ear and said "thank-you mama".

After a few moments DH joined us in Fellowship Hall and said that he asked Father how DS did. He said to Father I know that you can't tell me what DS said but I'm just curious on "how" he did. Father told DH that DS was very confident. Confident!!! Wow!! I then asked DS if he went face to face or behind the curtain. DS said "behind the curtain"; then I turn to DH and ask "Well then how does he know that it was our DS". DH just said, "Father knows"

I was taken back by that...yikes!!! Reflecting on it; it's NOT a bad thing. It just shocked me that's all, especially seeing this was DS first time and I can't imagine that DS told him his name, nor am I going to pry into what DS said, because truly it's none of my business. I just was shocked that Father would know MY kid by voice..... Wow, is all I can say. We finally left the church around 11:00 am. We easily spent at least half of our time eating and chatting with others.

It was a good morning. Now DS is just steps closer to receiving his first Communion. That will take place in April.

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