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January 12, 2009

UGH! The Screaming!

It's moment like this one that make me want to pull my hair out and go "What I'm I doing?".

So the bell rang at 8:00 (about 30 minutes ago) and I told the kids it was time for devotions. Both started to cry and say, "But Mama you said we have to finish our rooms today" They wanted to finish cleaning their rooms vs. school work. Who I'm I to argue with that?? Go clean!!!

In the mist of cleaning DD found in her room a little $1 electronic game. It's a little pocket thing, 2 buttons, mini screen, and you can play soccer on it. It can't be worth more then a $1. It's one of those generic games. She came out and said look mommy I found my "gameboy" (I have no idea why she would call it that.)

Well DS right away shouted from his room...well it's not a gameboy because gameboy's are for boys only. That's why it's called a game boy. It has the word boy in it. (LOL got to love the mind of a 7 year old) DD of course started to argue that with him. I quickly ended that arguement.

Shortly after that DS left his room to hand me something and saw what DD had in her hand: the so called gameboy (now mind you it's just a genertic $1 toy). He right away started in on how that is HIS toy and DD is saying NO it's hers and now the two of them are screaming on the top of thier lungs over who is the owner of this toy. I of course had to raise my voice over theirs to get their attention to tell them to stop. UGH....I have the toy now and I won't give it back until we can settle this...but seriously the yelling is driving me crazy!!! It's moments like this that make me wonder WHY??? WHY I am I doing this....why don't I just sending them to PS, at least I would have x many hours of no fighting!!!

Of course I'm not saying they fight all the time. They do not! Nor am I saying that I'm seriously thinking of sending them back to PS (public school); it's just the stress level here is high right now!! UGH!

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  1. A priest on retreat once said to me, "Judy, what makes you think God can't function in a room full of chaos simply because YOU can't?"

    Point being...even though you and I are going, "UGH UGH UUUUGGGGHHH!!!"
    GOD is still calmly tending to, working on, and forming each soul in that room....aaaaaahhhhhh, thank goodness!


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