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January 1, 2009

Homeschooling Help

This information can now be found here: Homeschooling HELP!


  1. I've done some more editing to the list and put things in categories in hopes that it will make the list more user friendly. If you know of a resource that is not listed, please share. If I find that it is helpful, I'll add it to the list. Together we can make a really good list of resources!

  2. Thanks for the link here SAHMinIL!!!
    Just an update: We renamed the site
    Homeschool Faith and Family Life as we thought the original title was a bit lengthy. Perhaps you'd like to update your link. THANKS!

  3. What phrase... super, remarkable idea

  4. Thanks for updating our link SAHM!
    Here's one you might like to add to your great list:
    And our site, Homeschool Faith and Family Life sells their audio downloads!
    Also...maybe Aquinasandmore.com might interest you too?

  5. Thanks Judy for the suggestions. Also your welcome on the link update. Thanks for bringing that to my attention in the first place.


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