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January 20, 2009

The Stress Of Money!

I am sure that the stress of money is felt in MOST families across the USA and even perhaps around the world. I'm sure this stress is especially true for homeschooling families for MOST of them are single income households. Every penny matters; It shouldn't matter the income level.

I got blessed with knowing some people that perhaps have more of an income, but at the end of the day they had the same amount of money we had for food, soaps, cleaners, etc. Yes it's true they had more money, but they also had more debt (bills and other debt). So their debt to income level was the SAME as ours. I've met a plastic surgeon's wife that had to call her sister and tell her NOT to cash the $200 check she sent her, because if she did it would bounce. She was basically telling her sister to wait until the next "pay day" to cash so it would clear. Sure more money is nice, but if we don't know how to save it or use it wisely we can seriously be living to pay-check to pay-check. I never in a million years would have thought that a plastic surgeon would be living pay-check to pay-check like so many of us. It's true that DH and I live pay-check to pay-check. We are trying to save up our money and watch our pennies, but at times mis-communication on things can cause huge problems.

We tried signing our kids up at they Y yesterday for dance classes. However, we learn that the classes were canceled do to lack of interest. Those classes would have been a total of $70 for both kids. I called DH and told him about that and told him I would have to look around at our other options. Well he took it upon himself to call around. While I was at the Library he called me back and told me to take the kids to this gymnastic/dance/martial arts place near our home. He told me that he thought the price was reasonable and that we could swing it. I also felt as if he told me the price was going to be $80 for both kids. (This is where the mis-communication came in)

Well it turn out to be $80 per kid! More then double of what I was going to pay at the Y. Not only that but we had to buy the shoes. DD cost $30 and DS still have to be gotten, because they didn't have them on hand. If I buy DS's shoe via the dance place it would be $50 (maybe even $60) because they would be "special order". I was taken back by all of this!! It showed in my attitude for the rest of the day and while I was still at the dance place I'm sure.

While I was there kept telling myself: surely DH misunderstood them on the cost. We had the money to cover it. (Thank God), but seriously we are trying to SAVE money so that we have money for the unexpected. Spending what extras we have is not saving it.... I think that's what troubles me with my DH at times. It seems that if we have the money in the checking in his mind we can spend it; where I tend to say we DON'T have money and don't want to spend it.

So I leave the dance place call DH and begin to tell him: Well I think you misunderstood the prices and began to tell him what I spend. He said yeah that's right, that's what the cost is! Hearing this my blood began to boil; I was more livid then I've ever been in a long time. As a result my poor kids began to feel that them being in dance class was a bad thing. I didn't want that; I just was shell shocked at the price and shell shocked that DH was okay with it. Surely he doesn't think we are made of money does he.... (I know he works hard for it, but he has left me to be the treasurer; so it gets touchy when I feel we can't afford it.)

It also didn't help that while there the lady (owner) didn't seem to know the difference between boy shoes and girl shoes, she had to go talk to the dance teacher, nor was she able to help determine if the shoes were the right size for the kids. Seriously I'm clueless at these things. My kids have NEVER done anything like this and neither have I. Oh and DD was also going on and on about how she wanted this outfit and that outfit. Why do they do that?

I really should have shut my mouth, bit my tongue and followed DH lead on this one!! We hashed it out last night after the kids were in bed; and it's done. They are STILL going to dance class starting Thursday and my quest for today is to try to find an alternative source for my DS tap shoes. (We hadn't order them yet through the dance place, because the lady was out. She's suppose to call me today; So I'm hoping I can find them else where for cheaper). I also had to talk to each of the kids this morning and express to them that I am happy that they are in dance class and they they have express interest in it...and they are going to go try it out! I am truly happy about it; I'm just depressed about the "money". I don't like spending it! So when things start to cost more then $100 I start having issues.

We love our children and we may not be able to give them everything they want, we may not even be able to continue these classes once the 10 weeks is up. (I honestly don't think we can, but perhaps with God's grace we can if the kids really like it). DH said last night: "I know we can't afford every whim they want, but I don't want them to be afraid to ask us, because of money. There's always got to be a way to do it" He is much more hopeful on those things then me. I think I tend to worry about tomorrow a little to much.....

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