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January 16, 2009

School Closed Today!

Growing up that was one things I looked forward too!! I lived for those Snow Days! Days were we would we would have no school due to fresh snow on the ground, days where we would then go out and play. It was every child's dream!! In all the years that I went to school (and my husband too) we NEVER had a no school day due to the cold weather. If school was canceled it was because of the HUGE amount of snow on the ground.

Our kids did go to PS (public school) for 2 years. It was then that we learned that schools closed because of the cold weather. The first time it happened we didn't even know about the school closing; I got the kids dress and ready as always and my mom called. She said "honey, I don't know if you have the news on or not but I wanted you to know that there is no school today for the kids". I was like what?? There is no snow on the ground, what are you talking about?? She then informed me that the school was closed because of the cold weather. I told her I've never heard of such a thing, and she said I know me either. (so my other prove that it never happen while I was at school).

Well here it is -21 (yep that's right 21 below) and the schools around here are closed do to the cold weather. i.e. due to the TEMPERATURE outside. It's not like we can go out to play in that kind of temperature so school is still on here. :) It's Friday. We will go ahead and finish our week as planned...we are warm in our house, even though we have to wrap up in some blankets...but we are doing good.

We will pile onto my bed, snuggle under the blankets, and get our work done. :)

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