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January 9, 2009

Wow! What A Moment!

Sometimes I'm amazed by what my kids do that I can't help but share.

DD (6) was playing PS2 with DH today. (He was home from work). While playing DD got a little bossy towards DH telling him what to do, how to play, etc. DS was in the room to and he made a comment on how DD being bossy was/is rude. So I immediately pulled DS (7) to the side, in the other room, and had a talk with him.

You see DS gets bossy with DD when he plays with her. So asked him why does he care what DD is saying to DH. He responded because it's rude to be that way, and it's annoying listening to that. I then shared with him that is how he sound when he plays with his sister.

DS right away became sad, his shoulders sunk, and he hung himself on me. So I wrapped my arms around him, scooped him up as best as I could, and just held him. After several moments I asked him why he was so sad. He responded with I should tell sis that I'm sorry. I asked for what and he said for being bossy while they play PS2 together.

So we went and told DD that he was sorry. After he said sorry, I had a talk with DS about not only saying it but showing it. He agreed that he has to try to show it and not just say it. WOW! He's only 7!

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