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January 31, 2009

Swallowing Teeth

Yep Swallowing Teeth! Both DS and DD are right in the middle of losings those baby teeth stage of life. DS a while ago swallowed one of his baby teeth at dinner and this morning DD did the same thing at breakfast.

As I mention in an earlier post I had a good a amount of chatting this morning with other parents and I'm getting the feeling that swallowing teeth is much more common then I thought. It SEEMS that everyone I talked has either a child that has done the same thing and/or knows a child that has swallowed a baby tooth.

So what did DD have for breakfast this morning? She had a homemade breakfast burrito. soft flour toritilla shell, eggs, salsa, sour cream, and cheese. Before she ate this morning she did have me checked on this tooth. It was loose but I felt that it was still attached enough that I told her not to worry about it; it's not time it. Oh how I was wrong!!!

So has your kiddo ever swallowed one of his or her teeth??

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