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September 7, 2009

CurrClick: It's a cool site!

So I got my CurrClick Newsletter (via email) today and it mention a few LIVE classes that I thought was cool! However, this time once again it will not work for us. I had the same issue before, either the classes are just not at a time that we can do it or it's a cool class, in my opinion, but the kids are still a little young for it.

In today's newsletter 2 of the classes that caught my attention but will NOT work for us (so sad):
  1. Astonishing Atoms. Astonishing Atoms -- LIVE Class; Cost FREE
  2. Beginning Guitar Lessons -- LIVE Class; Cost $40
CurrClick is NOT just for live classes they do offer all kinds of materials for all age ranges (some free; some not)  2 recent examples:
  1. TBB Periodic Table of Elements Cards Kit -- FREE
  2. Labor Day Holiday Helper -- FREE (I wish I realized that was there earlier, maybe it's not to late. Just because Labor Day was today doesn't mean I still can't do something this week.)
If you don't already then I think you should sign up for CurrClick's Newsletter. It's always loaded with cool information!!

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