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August 12, 2009

CurrClick: Live Classes!

CurrClick offers live classes. These classes are done at home over the computer. In most cases you will need a microphone, high speed internet, and a computer. You may also need other materials besides the ones provided, but that is totally depended on the class.

The classes range from dance, to science, to reading, to learning a foreign language. The price range is also is anywhere from $0.50-$110, with most being under $20 (At least that's what it seem to me.)

Out of all the classes being offered at this time the Magic Tree House ones seemed to catch my eye the most, especially for Superstar! However, those classes are on Tuesdays and our co-op meets on Tuesday! So I can't sign him up! After all it's a LIVE class so I have to be sure he can be home (or have internet access) when it's the currclick live class time. I would be able to sign him up if it wasn't for the fact that the place that our co-op meets is a wi-fi dead zone! No wi-fi means NO internet!

I'm sure the classes will change over time so this is something I'm going to be keeping my eye on! Maybe there is a class being offer that will interest your child? Check It Out!


  1. It's too bad that isn't being offered now. We don't get home from school until close to 4PM (we talk to the neighbors at pick up). I'm betting my daughter would love that class.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Karen! If the time was later in the day it would work better for us too. :)

    It just needs to be on a different day or later LOL

  3. We LOVE the Magic Tree House Books!
    These classes sound great...for homeschoolers and NON alike!


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