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September 23, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas??

Dear Readers,

Several of you have proven to be very helpful in the costume department. So I once again I'm asking you for your help! I do NOT want to debate if Christians should or should not go trick-or-treating or participate in any other festivities associated with Halloween. Every family, regardless of their religion, has the right to decided for themselves if trick-or-treating is something they want to participate in. We have made the decision that this is something that we are going to do. I only ask that you respect my decision just like I would respect yours if you chose NOT to go trick-or-treating.

So now with that out of the way! What can I do for Superstar? As you know he's having his surgery the Wednesday before Halloween. This means BOTH of his feet are going to be in a cast! We have decided that we are going to take him out trick-or-treating, but clearly he can't walked; so he's going to be pulled in a wagon. At least that is our plan as of now!

Anyway what can he be? I'm thinking it would be good to try to include the casted feet as part of his costume. I'm just not sure how to do that. Any Ideas???

Update 10/22/2009: We have found a costume for Superstar and I have made a post about it: Christian Costume Ideas


  1. I am not very creative, but with the casts a mummy comes to mind. There is probably something more original, though.

  2. Lisa-Thanks for the input! I'm really thankful! Also thanks for becoming a follower today! I hope to see you around more. :)

  3. Haha, I was going to say mummy as well - the whole family can get into the wrapping as part of Egyptian studies :)

  4. How about some recently-injured sports character--like a snowboarder or a hockey player? When I was a kid everyone had these "No Fear" t-shirts which would be amusingly ironic--not sure what the current equivalent would be.

  5. I love Halloween! If you are stuck with a wagon, I would try to think of something that would tie that in to his costume: a farmer, dracula in a rolling coffin, a King on his throne. .. I'll keep thinking.

  6. Cool, Your on the other board . :)
    One thing , I was not expecting it lol had forgot to turn speakers down rofl SCARED the day lights out of me lol

  7. How about a Hobbit, their feet were big and weird looking...little guys look cute dressed as hobbits.


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