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September 10, 2009

But Mom It Fits? Measuring Objects

So we have this "cube" (see picture to the left). I will admit that some may think the kids are a little old for this cube, but for the last several years it has served as a stepping stool to get up on our yard trampoline.

Well the kiddos just realized this morning that they don't need to cube anymore to get up on the trampoline. They now can climb up without the aid of the cube. Something they are proud of....

In the course of play they came in and asked for the measuring tape. I asked if they meant this measuring tape and they said yes. So I gave it to them with clear instructions on not to break the tape or leave it outside. That when they were done they were to return it to me. (Something they did very well I might add)

So what does this cube have to do with the measuring tape? Well, besides measuring themselves, sticks, and other objects. (cool to see them use math). They decided to measure the width of the cube and the width of the door way. I might add I had nothing to do with these endovers. I just was really letting them do whatever they want outside while I get some housework done, then we'll do some school work.

Anyway, they measured the width of the door and found that it was 31.5 inches. They then went and measured with width of the cube and found it was 26 inches.  They then approached me with their sceme:

Web-Princess: Mom the door is 31.5 inches and the cube is 26 inches. Can we wash the cube outside and after we clean it can we bring it inside?
ME: No
Superstar: Mom we measured it! It will fit through the door.
ME: No, it's an outside toy so it's going to stay outside
Web-Princess: But mom!!! It fits through the door? Why would it fit through the door if it was an outside toy?
ME: It doesn't matter if it fits. It's an outside toy so it's staying outside.
Web-Princess: BUT MOM!!! It fits! Why would it fit through the door if it was an outside toy?
Superstar: It fits because it has to fit through the doors at the store. You have to be able to take it out of the store don't you?
Web-Princess: OH!!! Mom, why can't we bring it in?
ME: Because it's an outside toy and its staying outside. Ball fit through the door all the time, but we don't play with them inside.
Web-Princess: (sigh) Okay (sigh). Bro, lets go back outside

After that the kids went back to playing.....


  1. OH they are NOT too old for that cube! We have one too! My older kids play on it more than my younger ones!
    I do NOT plan on telling them that Webprincess and Superstar have discovered that it fits indoors, lol.


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