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May 20, 2009

Peggy The Pint-Sized Pirate

The audio and video isn't the greatest but I wanted to share this with you all seeing many of you seem to be interested on how the play went seeing I've been talking about those darn costumes.

DD and DS did a wonderful job! I was very proud of them! The clip is about 2 minutes long. It really is just the part of the play they were in :) The play is Peggy The Pint-Sized Pirate. It is about how Peggy is trying to save the other other pirates from the sea monster. In this part of the play Peggy (and Scummy) are trying to find the way to the sea monster. She stops to ask the whale (my DS) and the barnacle (my DD) for directions to the sea monsters lair.

EDIT ADD: I just want to add that you may need to turn up your sound/speakers on your PC to hear, but don't forget to turn them down when you are done :)

Edit Add May 21, 2009: more (still) pictures are up. click on "pics" in the menu above. Album's Name: Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate.


  1. OH HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRAVO kids, BRAVO!

    P.S. The letters arrived!!! So sweet!
    The kids will reply soon!

  2. yay... :) I thought they were adorable too (but I just might be bias) LOL :) PS: I'm glad that you go the letters :)


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