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September 10, 2009

Hulu! Movies, TV shows, and more on demand!

Do you know what Hulu is? You may have seen the commercials on TV for hulu, commercials like this one:
Well some of the stuff on HULU is actaully educational!
There is a NOVA Channel, it allows you to watch things from NOVA. There also is Modern Marvel Channel and Biography Channel. There is a kid's channel that includes things like Sesame Street and Jonah a VeggieTales Movie. There are also things that would NOT be good for your kids in my opinion, so please proceed with caution! 

One of things the kids and I watched most recently from HULU was the following from the biography channel on HULU: Davey Crockett:
It's all FREE and it's all on demand, so you can watch it whenever you want! We have newer laptop and TV. Well the TV was bought in 2003 so it's not that new. With our TV and newer laptop we, with the correct cables, are able to connect the laptop to the TV.  This connection allows whatever is on the laptop screen to be viewed on the TV screen! Which makes watching these things as a family more enjoyable. I'm not sure what kind of cables they are, DH would know. I just know if i connect them to the laptop it works! LOL

I know not everyone would have that ability, but nonetheless I still wanted to share my knowledge about HULU with you! Enjoy!

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the info on hulu - i've used it to let the kids watch, oh i don't know, some cartoon i guess, but i never thought about the educational side.



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