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September 17, 2009

Computer Programmer?

Do we have a computer programmer in the house? Superstar (who is not in the picture) is playing PS2. Web-Princess has made characters with paper, crayons, tape and pencils to "add" to the game.

Web-Princess is very proud of her "invention". When I went to take close up pictures of all 3 of her characters I got told "Take the picture of me. It's my invention".  So here is Web-Princess smiling face with one of her little characters!
I  instant message my husband this morning to tell him what the kids, especially Web-Princess, were up too! He told me I bet we could find a computer/game-programming class or program for them! I'm sure there is something in their age range out there.

Dear Readers,

Do any of you know of a programming program, book, how to, etc. that is geared to 7-10 year old?  If so I would greatly appreciate any input, recommendations, or suggestions. As you can see my daughter needs out of the stone age!!! She need the ability to make "real" programs. LOL

Actually, I'm impress with my daughters creativity and imagination. I really don't want to squash that!!! If you have suggestions on programming programs, classes, books, etc, PLEASE send them my way. In the mean time we will continue to use paper, crayons, boxes, and pencils.

Actually, knowing my kids they would still continue to do those things even if we did have something to teach them programming.

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