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September 26, 2009

Field Trips: Anything Cool?

It's that time of year! Many homeschool groups, co-op, are getting into the swing of things, and as a result it's field trip time! Yesterday we went to an Autumn Pioneer Festival. That was fun and I will have pictures posted about his trip soon.

However in the mean time feel free to visit "Winding Circle Life School" and view the pictures that are posted there of a field trip that they took to a "Refugee Camp". We are truly blessed aren't we?

Have you taken any cool field trips? Would you like to share them here? Please Do.

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  1. Cool.We dont have a Co-Op group any more. The lady just did not want to mess with any more I guess :(But we Jeff ,Jacob and I are waiting for the Science Museum to reopen (They redid it all, then we are goping to go, that should be next month. I HOPE

  2. Sounds awesome!! If you want to check out my blog, look under 'business tours' to see how we've been utilizing the kindness of our local businesses to learn more about our community. We've also done a lot of local traveling--look under 'travel' to see some cool things we've done.

    Great blog! I plan to stay in touch!!


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