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September 3, 2009

Science: Animal Dissections

A while back I did a post about virtual dissections. Thanks to the archives and this IM box in my side bar:

this is just a picture taken from the right hand side bar.

I was able to learn about a NEW site (NEW TO ME) that allows people to buy dissection kits at an affordable price: Home Science Tool.  (The dissections kits are listed here)

How was the IM box and the archived post able to help me? Well I had a visitor and she was viewing the virtual dissection post and decided to IM me to ask if I knew about Home Science Tool, etc. Pretty cool, uh?

Okay, so that may not be the sole reason she IM'd today, but it was one of things we talked about today :)

UPDATE 10/18/09: FYI: I have removed the IM chat box from the site. You can still contact me via email. Just click on the contact button above. :)

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