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January 21, 2010

Museum Of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry is a MUST see if you are in the Chicago Area! Not only that but go on a FREE day! (You do have to pay $16 for parking per car. So car pool and reduce the cost).

We had so much fun and didn't even get to see everything. We got there shortly after it open and stayed until close! As a matter of fact they turned the lights off on us! Okay not all the lights, but it was clear it was closing time, TVs shut down, exhibits that made noise stopped, and bathrooms and other areas started to get roped off.

Here of some of the highlights we did:

  • climbed a rock wall (Superstar did this too!)
  • Played video games
  • saw a real submarine and got to drive one via simulation.
  • explored an airplane
  • watched model trains
  • played with water
  • visited a circus
  • visited outer-space
AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus there was so much MORE that we did NOT get to see or do (like dissect a cow's eye) because we ran out of time! Everything we did was apart of the general admission and today was a FREE day so the only cost for us today was the parking. We car pooled so I only had to pay 1/2 of the parking. $8. I surely got my money worth today!

So if you are in Chicago you MUST go to the Museum of Science and Industry especially if it's a FREE day!! FYI: The cow's eye was also apart of the general admission.


  1. Sounds like an AWESOME field trip!
    I'll be it was a sight for sore eyes to see Superstar SCALE A WALL!

  2. We love the museum, all of them actually. We ride the train into the city when we go, 9$5 for adults round trip, during the week, and the kids ride free,) then it's just a 5 or so minute bus ride (about $7 for the 5 of us) to the museum. It costs about $2 to park at the train station. So you don't save much but you don't have to deal with traffic and the kids love the train, also it's not a far walk from the train station to Shedd, Adler, ect...

  3. Yes taking the train is another option into Chicago! You're right you might not save much but then you don't have to deal with the traffic!

  4. He did really well all day Judy! Toward the end of the day he was hurting some, but so was I. LOL I did let him use my bubbling foot spa when we got home. For that I got the best mommy in the world award!

  5. i've never been to that museum, but after this article i really think it's a must so when i'll be around Chicago i'll go :D

  6. Oil and Soaps- Thanks for the visit! I'm sure you won't regret going if you get a chance!


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