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September 3, 2009

The plot thickens: Celebrities "I pledge"

I know that this video may be "old" and has been around for a while. (Well since January 2009 at least). However with the president's speech to the nation's children this coming Tuesday this video has hit the spot light.

The video is made by Harpo Productions (aka Oprah). It consist of several Celebrities making various pledges. The I pledges consist of pledges to smile more, to love more, etc. Then there are other pledges like I pledge to makes sure every senior citizen has health care. Or I pledge to help in the advancement of stem cell research. One of the last pledges is: I pledge to be a servant to Obama. Many of these things are politically charged and don't, in my opinion, have a place in the classroom.

What classroom? What are you talking about? Well there is at least one report that I could find about a  public school in Salt Lake. The school played  this video as apart of a welcome back to school assembly. The principal of this school is reported saying:  

Oops, I wish I would have seen this before. I don't think I would have shown it
Oops? I should have seen this video before I shown it to a whole school full of kids. Are you kidding me? If you saw it before hand you wouldn't have shown it. Why didn't the principal view this prior to showing it to the whole school? The principal has told parents in her district that she's sorry and knows that it was wrong to show this in the school.

I have to ask  HOW MANY MORE schools have shown this video to the children WITHOUT the parent's prior knowledge?

Here is the video in question:

This is just another example of how parents NEED to be involved and NEED to know what's going on in the schools they send their children too!!! (If they are choosing to send their kids to school)


  1. Fox News was right, that is a creepy video. Elected officials serve us, not the other way around. I really despise when celebrities use their clout to try and push political agendas.

  2. And another reason why, if I ever have any, my kids will never ever ever go to a public or even a private school! Servant?? Seriously, this stuff is sick.

  3. I saw this on Patrick Madrid's blog and all I could think was "Ick"!Maybe the Catholic community should do a rebuttal I Pledge video~ My pledge? to serve Jesus Christ. The world can have Obama and Oprah.

  4. Yes, that's where I saw it first at too. (Patrick's blog). I wasn't even going to post it here until I seen a school had actually shown this to the students as apart of a school assembly.

  5. It honestly scares me that so many people don't see the problem with pledging to be a servant of Obama. It's out right terrifying. The cult of personality surrounding that man is very troubling and dangerous.


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