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September 15, 2009

Why Homeschooling?

Why Homeschooling? That is a question I get asked every so often. Especially, when people learn that my kids did go to Public School. This school year (2009-2010) is our second year of homeschooling. We became "official" homeschoolers June of 2008.

Socially: There is simply the OVER sexualization of children, especially young girls. I knew that I would have to "battle" make-up, clothing, waxing, etc with my daughter. I figured that this most likely would happen in 5th-6th grade, but I also realized that it could happen as young as 3rd grade. Oh, I was so wrong!!

My daughter came home from KINDERGARTEN wanting a bikini waxing, eyebrow waxing, and make-up because that was what her peers, her classmates, were doing. That is just flat out wrong! It's interesting to note that within months of us deciding to homeschooling, MSNBC ran an article about the trend across the nation to send young girls (10 and often younger) to the spa for hair removal. One spa owner in CA, stated that 20% of her clients where Tweens. Tween being between the age of (9)10-13 year of age. Not, to mention that several spas are just for "kids".

This was what I was up against, I figured I would be at some point, but seriously not at 5 years old!  It was more then I could tolerate!  Given this; is it really a surprise that the UN is proposing teaching about masturbation to 5 year old, as the standard international norm?? I had to deal with waxings, clothing, and makeup. I'm afraid by the time my nieces and nephews get to school my sisters and sister-in-law will be dealing with explicit sexual education. I don't really know if they want their 5 year-old being taught about masturbation. I don't think any parent really wants that! 

You can read the whole guideline here: UN International Guidelines on Sexuality Education
Education: Aside from the messages they were picking up with their peers, I was seeing issue with the education.  First, I know that at least here the PS (public school) does try; it does have some really GREAT teachers! However, even the great teachers can't reach everyone. Every teacher I have met will say they are teaching to the "middle". They are hoping that those that are above the middle will not loose interest and that they can help those that don't understand. They also hope that those below the middle will come up to the middle so at least they can get "by".

I was watching my daughter struggle with certain subjects. Subjects that I tried to work with outside of school, but in all honestly she was done! She was 5 year old and had already spent 7 am -3 pm at school. She didn't want any more schooling! On the flip side my son was doing really well in some area; areas where he simply wasn't challenged. I know the teachers were doing all they could do, but I could just see this wasn't working. I wanted something more tailored for each child. I wanted them to be challenged in all areas. Challenged, not over challenged! I wanted them to have the time they needed for each area. If it needed to be slowed down then I wanted that. If it needed to be sped up then I wanted that. They can't get that tailored education in the schools as they are now.

I wanted my kids to be themselves: I wanted my kids to remained sweet loving children! My son's first grade teacher would tell me how every day my son, with his sister, would stop at his locker and drop off his bag and stuff, then he would walk his little sister down to her kindergarten classroom. When they got to her classroom, he would look around to make sure no one was watching and would give her a quick kiss on the forehead. He then would go to his classroom.

Everyday she would allow this and everyday she would watch. She told me that it was amazing to see a child care so much about his sibling. I would share that with my husband and would worry that someday he would stop, because of the teasing that may result from it.  That he wouldn't want to hold his sister's hand and walk her down the classroom, because the other kids would make fun of him. It was clear he was somewhat worried what others thought, because before kissing his sister's forehead he would looked to make sure no one was watching.

I wanted my kids to be kids! I want them to learn at their pace,  but most of all I wanted them to be themselves and not be afraid to show love and compassion for other people, especially their sibling. That is why we homeschool.

Why do you homeschool?


  1. We homeschool for the same reasons.

    I think what clinched the deal for me was when I was in my son's classroom while the school conducted a drill of what to do when someone who is armed comes into the school. Watching these children huddle in a corner as not to be seen by an armed killer was too much for me to bear. I know it is for their own safety, but children should be able to learn in a safe, loving environment.

  2. Thank-you Jeanette for visiting and leaving a comment today! I hope that you will become a regular reader and will feel comfortable with sharing your thoughts here. :)

  3. There are a lot of reasons that we started. My daughter came home from kindergarten talking about being too fat, and I was told by a teacher that medication was my son's only option if he wanted to stay in Public School. I really want them to be themselves.


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