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August 11, 2009

Trampoline Wars: Gym Activity

Trampoline Wars is our planned activity for gym class. It basically is a child doing seat drops for as long as possible. The first child that fails to do a seat drop and and lands back on their feet looses the war.

The kids had fun with this game. Web-Princess didn't loose all the games; she did when a few. Superstar as you can see kept on doing seat drops even when the war was over! He wanted me to be sure I told everyone that he did over 100 seat drops in the 10 minutes we played this game.

After Trampoline Wars we did a couple games of Blind Tiger on the trampoline. For that game one child is blind-folded and placed in the middle of the trampoline. At the word go the blind child CRAWLS around on the trampoline trying to find the other people!! It is very important that the blind child CRAWLS!!!

Now with the Trampoline Wars I can understand how some parents may not want more then 1 child on the Trampoline. If that's the case my only suggestion to you is have your children go one at the time and count the number seat drops they do. The one with the most wins!

We also want to do a game of popcorn on the trampoline, but I have to get a few Nerf type balls first. With that game you place 4-8 balls on the trampoline. The child(ren) jumps on the trampoline being careful NOT to be touched by the balls. If the ball touches them they are out!

All of these game ideas came from: Homeschool Family Fitness

Here are some more picture of the kids smiling faces! (For more of an inside peak of our lesson plans for this week, click on the words lesson plans in the menu above)


  1. Wow! Great trampoline games! THANKS!
    We don't own one, but the kids think it a special treat when we visit friends who have them and they get to do some jumping! I'll be sure to remember these games next time:)

  2. Thanks for the link, those games make me want the trampoline even more!!!


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