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January 6, 2010

Laminating Heaven!

Today I was able to pick up a Laminator and I'm in heaven. A few months ago I had bought Phonics Games but have been reluctant to use it, because I didn't have a laminator until today.

It's so cool to be able to have a laminator now! I've laminated the games so now they are more durable and ready to play. I've also have laminated a times table that I was able to print off for free. This is nice because the times table is now also more durable and will last longer now. What else could I laminate?? LOL


  1. Now you have me wanting one of those. I hate having to run out to Staples for my laminating needs. I'm now sitting here thinking about all the Flat Father Stanleys I could laminate for my Kindergarten CCD class now.

  2. Well the little machine I bought does have it's limitations. Like the MAX size something can be is 8.5x11 (Letter Paper). Which is okay with me because 95% of my laminating needs fall into that category.


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