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January 22, 2010

Superstar Climbing

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry! I mention earlier that superstar climbed a rock wall. I wanted to share a picture of him doing this! I'm just amazed at how well he is doing. He's only has had his braces since New Years and it seems as if nothing is slowing him down. I'm so thankful that he is recovering nicely from surgery.


  1. Just finished viewing your pictures from the museum. Looks like a fun place to visit; not to mention educational! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to Superstar on his climb!

  2. Yes it was fun! And worth the visit (especially if you can arrange it to go on a free day). I'm not against spending the money, but at the same time with one income the money can be hard to swing. With a little bit of planning you can enjoy the same stuff the general admission will get you for FREE!!! (Of course you still have to pay for parking....)


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