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January 26, 2010

Day 26: Update on Superstar

Superstar has had his braces (AFO) for the last 26 days. It's been almost 10 weeks since his surgery. He over all is doing fantastic!

Last Thursday he walked all day while we were at the Museum of Science and Industry. Last Saturday we had Religious Education Classes at our Church. He climbed up and down the stairs several times there just fine and even played tag on the playground with the other boys. Saturday Evening we went to a birthday party that had more boys, more running, and more stair climbing. Towards the end of Saturday Evening he was saying he was hurting. DH noticed he was rubbing his leg near his knees.

Saturday night when we got home we realized that Superstar developed pressure sores from his braces (AFO). The sores where at top where the braces (AFO) meet the legs just under the knees. By the time we realized he had pressure sores they were nearly at stage 2. He had sores on BOTH legs. His right leg was worst then the left leg.

So we kept him home Sunday from Church. That way he could spend the whole day resting WITHOUT his braces (AFO). I'm not happy that he missed Church, but we felt it was best. His skin needed a brake from the braces. We also put some triple antibiotic on it and Sunday night he took a bath in Epsom Salt. By Monday morning it was nearly gone and today there is no true visible sign of pressure sores.

However, we did tell the orthopedic surgeon today about the sores when we saw him for the scheduled follow up. The orthopedic surgeon said that happened because superstar is skinny and he doesn't have much natural padding (fat) around his knees. The brace (AFO) and bone are rubbing against each other in those spots where Superstar had the pressure sores. He told us that we need to call the appliance place that made Superstar's braces and have an adjustment made to reduce the rubbing.

On a positive note the orthopedic surgeon is very pleased with Superstar's recovery! He said that Superstar is doing great! Actually, he said that Superstar is a LOT BETTER then he was anticipating. He is extremely pleased and surprised to see range of motion Superstar has now in his ankles. Again he said this was better then he was anticipating. Our next follow up is at the end of March.


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