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January 7, 2010

Judy's Son Needs Prayers

Dear Readers!

I know that many of you follow Judy @ Benmakesten as well! (Or one her other sites such as Daily Blessings, Thankful Woman or Homeschool Faith and Family Life). Anyway I know many of you follow her as well so....

Her son fell down the stairs yesterday. They feared that he may have had a concussion so they were closely monitoring him and his condition.  When it became clear that he was not improving they took him to the ER.

He had a CT scan done and there appears to be NO visible cracks or bleeding! That is a very good thing, however he still is suffering from a concussion. He's home and they have to routinely wake him and ask him simple questions. Not only that but his diet has been restricted to liquids only.

Thanks for keeping her son in your prayers! I know Judy and her family would be thankful to have the extra prayers right now!


  1. SAHM!!!! Thank you SO VERY VERY much for remembering Joey and our family and for seeking this prayer request from your awesome readers! I am certain that these prayers have sustained Joey as he is doing much better today! He is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to be eating again! In a couple of weeks...after keeping calm and still...he should be good as new...ok...hmmmm...just so happens Joey is THE most energetic Dudich child...hmmm...calm and still?

  2. You're welcome hon! It's a blessing to hear he is doing so much better!

    Love ya all!


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