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January 15, 2010

Multisensory Reading Approach

As many of you know few months ago in the midst of dealing with Superstar's ITW Web-Princess was diagnosis with convergence insufficiency. We have been given some at home therapy options, but I also have to find a way to reach her in regards to reading. Knowing what is wrong and the therapy to strengthen her muscles is only 1/2 of the battle. The other 1/2 is find ways to teach her and bridge that gap.

Can I just say the children librarian we have is AWESOME? I feel so bless to be able to go in and just talk to her. I shared with her what was going on and I how I'm thinking about taking on an Multisensory Reading Approach with Web-princess. It's the same approach that is often taken with children that have dyslexia.

I know that convergence insufficiency is not dyslexia, but after some research I feel that the multisensory approach would be good for Web-Princess. That way she is learning from her other senses when it comes to reading and not just her vision. I was sharing this with the librarian and she could see the benefit as well and was helping me put together somethings. It's so awesome to have a lady that can just walk around the library and pull books without the use of the catalog. She knows what's in the children section like the back of her hand.

I also recently learned about "Sound Out Chapter Books". To my delight 6 of the titles were listed in the online card catalog, but they did NOT show a library and they did NOT have a call number. I showed this to the beloved librarian. She thought it was odd and did some looking on HER computer.

She learned that they were at the library a few towns away and that they were bought by that library through a Project Read Grant. She was confident that we could do inter-library exchange on project read material so she put a request on some of the books for me.  (Although there is still a question if it would actually go through because they are project read material.)

I'm hoping that we can get the books. I'm hoping the fact they are chapter books will be a big boost to Web-princess's ego! Not only that but because they are still decodable books I'm confident that they won't be above her reading abilities. I told our librarian that I'm interested in these because with Web-Princess being almost 8 I need to move pass "Mat sat." "Mat sat on a hat". I need to give her material that will have some more substance and story line to it, but not be above her abilities.

What's really cool is when we were looking up the books the librarian said when they get here (assuming the request is granted) I would like to look at them and learn more about the series and also get your input on them.  That made me excited! Perhaps our library will get some or different titles then the other library has.... (wishful thinking, but it was delight to see the librarian's interest in this books)

I still have a lot to learn about the Multisensory Reading Approach. If you are using this type of approach with your children Please share!! What are you doing? What are you using? How long per day? I would really love to hear from you!!  I'm still learning about this approach because it's not familiar to me; so any input, advice, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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