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January 7, 2010

Forts and little girls

Web-princess is very much that little girl that like to have hair pretties and dresses, but she is also a bit of a tomboy and enjoy using her "woman muscles". (Her words!)

To the untrained eye the above may look like a pile of sticks, but to Web-princess this is a fort that she spent almost an hour working on this afternoon. First it had to be dragged from all the way from the back of the backyard to the front of the backyard near our kitchen door. Then it needed to be painted (she used the poster paint we had out to paint the snow). Then some other sticks needed to be gather to make the finish product that you see here.

She told me to not let daddy move it because it's the most awesome fort ever! And it was hard work using those "Woman Muscles". In my daughter's and some times son's opinion woman muscles are stronger then men muscles. (Our son has been known to say things like: "Come on Mom! You can do it! Be stronger then a MAN, be a WOMAN!)

Although Superstar has his moments Web-princess is the one that keeps us in stitches the most. Just last night she read a story to Daddy and prior to reading they had a little conversation. It  went something like this.
Web-Princess: Are you excited? (She was asking if Daddy was excited about her reading.)
Daddy: Yes
Web-Princess: Well stay tuned!
Yes we have to stay tuned when it comes to her because you just never know!

1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing really hard over her "woman muscles." Too funny!


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