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December 14, 2010


My world has been slightly consumed with ExlporaVision! Hopefully the team projects will be done this week and life can go back to somewhat of a normal life! LOL What is ExploraVision? ExploraVision is a science competition that encourages K-12 students of all interest, skill and ability levels to create and explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations with the tools of science. It's a hands-on, minds-on project that inspires students and fuels imagination. The competition is sponsored by Toshiba and NSTA. First place teams will receive a $10,000 savings bond for each child on the team. National finalist will also recieve a trip to Washington DC.

This has been a good and fun project for the kids and I. It has really stretch us! I'm coaching a K-3 team. I can't share exactly what the project is, but I can tell you it involves AIR! It's amazing to see what these girls have come up with in regards to air.

Web-Princess and Superstar are on the same team. Their team consist of kids of a more broader age range. The oldest child in their group is in 7th grade. So even though Web-Princess and Superstar are in 4th/3rd their project will be competing in the 7th-9th grade age range. It's totally acceptable that their group has that wide age range, but it also means they have to compete in the grade level as the oldest child. I can't share much about their project either. I can just say it involves the brain and on Friday we will be dissecting a sheep's brain!!!

Seeing it's a group project we are going to be dissecting the brain with the group! We will be doing this Friday Night. It will be a pizza and dissecting party! That's going to be fun!!!!!!

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