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January 29, 2010

Using Goodwill!

Earlier today I was reminded that once again it's possible to find great deals @ Goodwill (second hand, thrift store)! I watched a lovely video made by Jennifer Schmidt @ Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and was reminded how not only could I find much needed clothing for a reasonable price but if I take a minute or two to look at other things I might find some other cool or useful stuff.

I know what Jennifer means about the "rich people's" store. NOT all Goodwill stores are equal. I will drive to the one because it's in the "richer" part of town. Being in the "richer" part of town it's selection tends to be better.

We all got some much needed clothing and the kids got 2 new books today at 50 cents each. We borrow a lot from the library but it also is nice to have books of your own. When we were looking around at other things Web-princess spotted a globe. She said look Mom it's a globe we can use it for school. I looked it over. It's in great shape, but I noticed all the different seams didn't line up correctly. I pointed the errors out to the kids but they said "Mom for $3 that's okay! It doesn't have to be prefect."

I thought for a moment and said okay. Besides it has a nice little drawer under it. I thought, to myself, that's the perfect hide away for DH's keys, wallet, and phone. He tends to leave them on our school shelf in the living room, but I get annoyed because I feel like it should only be for school items. However with our small house I don't get too bend out of shape, because I think where else would he leave them? (For the record he has always left them in some place in the living room). My thought told me the globe will help, despite the seams not line up, to show were things are in world and DH gets a official place for his keys, wallet, and phone.

I showed it to DH when he got home. He thought it was odd it didn't line up right. I explain that I knew that before I bought it. I explained that I wasn't really going to use it for its accuracy and that I would use it in conjugation with our very accurate world map poster. I figured between both items the kids would get a better understand on where things are in the world. I also explain to him I thought it would the prefect hideaway for his keys, wallet, and phone.

As I was putting things away I noticed the label and original price tag on the underside of the globe. It was something I did not noticed before. It states on the label that this "antique" globe is for decoration and not recommended for educational proposes. I figured as much already just by observing how things didn't line up right at the seams, but I already had a plan for its use.

As for the original price! Well it was $50! I was shock! I can't believe that someone paid $50 for it! It's cute and I'm glad that I got it today for $3.

The drawer is open on this! I was trying to show how it's just the right size to hold DH's wallet, keys, and phone. It's primary pink, but I think that's because it's "antique" globe. LOL!!


  1. So thrilled that you enjoyed the video and that is was a good reminder of all that great stuff to be had by all. :)


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