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May 6, 2009

Ditches, Rules, and Honesty

Early yesterday evening, my 18 month nephew was picked up by my mom and her husband. After 4 days at my home, he was going back to my mom's house. (aka home). For new readers: My nephew for the last 12 months has been living with my mom, because my sister is in Afghanistan (Army). Sis is a single parent thus needs my mom (and I for a day or 2 per month to care for him).

Having him here meant being on pin-and-needles more. Not in a bad way it just means being a little bit more on guard of what the kids are up too. After all he's 18 months.... well, he went home and I was able to breath. I felt relaxed and just started to veg out.

DH was in the backyard mowing before the sun went down, I'm in the living room vegging on the couch, and the kids are out in the front yard. My back is to the window so I can't seem them, but I can hear them out there. DH comes around the from the backyard and I can hear him yell "get out of the ditch".

We have a ditch in the front yard, out by the 45 (people go 55) mile per hour road. The kids at 7 and almost 8 clearly KNOW they aren't allowed in the ditch. Heck the last 4 days they were helping me keep their cousin from going into areas that are a "no-no" around here, the ditch being one of those areas.

I poked my head out the front door and asked DH "Did you just tell them to get out of the ditch?" He said yes. I then turned to DS and told him to come inside that he lost his outside time. DH told me, it was DD that I saw and corrected. I then turned to DS and told him I'm sorry you can stay out, and then turned to DD and told her to come in that she had lost her outside time for being in the ditch.

Right at the moment, DS said "I have to come in too, because I WAS in the ditch too" DS ratted himself out! I was extremely proud of him so when he came to the door I gave him the biggest bear hug ever and thanked him for being honest and sharing with daddy and I that you did it too. How awesome is that??


  1. I loved every stage of my kids growing up...but I'm really liking the stage I am in now. I don't miss the state where I have make sure what they are eating is food and not a bug..... aka pins and needles.....
    God bless your sister and your mom and you..

  2. When we least expect it they show us that they are learning from us. Great story! :O)


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