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May 15, 2009

Webinar: Time Management for Moms 101

Yesterday I attended my very first webinar. A webinar is like a seminar, but it's done via the computer. The webinar was through: Homeshool Connections and the topic was Time Management for Moms 101. Now I will say that most of the content that Homeschool Connections offers is geared for Catholic-Christian Homeschoolers. However I think anyone would benefit from some time management!! (If you were unable to attend yesterdays webinar then you can view the recorded version. (Just click on the words record sessions on the menu on the left hand side)

As I mention above this was my very first webinar. I have to say it was fun and informative even though it had a ruff start. (some technical errors). I was even proud of my kids behavior during the webinar. I told them a head of time I was doing this and that I needed them to be "good". It was nice to able to see the presenter via web cam. Not only that but we as attendees were able to ask questions, post comments, in a chat widow....It was all LIVE so the presenter was able to respond to our comments and questions as they were coming in. AWESOME.

I don't know if all webinars are like that or not. What if any experience do you have with webinars? I know I would LOVE to attend another one!

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