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May 20, 2009

Kids sometimes I don't get them!

I love my kids but at times I don't get it! So yesterday was their big play. (They did a wonderful job). We had an 11 am performance and a 6:30 pm performance. In between the performance several of us at least 6 different families decided to go to a local park and let the kids just run and play. Most of the time the kids played on the play ground, but at one point we decided to take the kids hiking. (I wish I had pictures, but of course I never have a camera when I WANT pictures). In the course of the hike we came across a creek. My kids got in WITHOUT asking, socks, shoes, and all. At one point my DD jumped in and it was up to her neck! UGH.

They thankfully were able to dry out before the evening play. (we weren't able to go home before the play). Their shoes and socks were still wet so we had them go barefoot which was fine for the play seeing they were a whale and a barnacle.

Okay so now to the point of what I don't get. After our hike and walking in the water, we go back to the play ground. Once we get to the play ground the kids ask "Mommy can we roll down the hill?" I just looked at them and said "I don't care". However, in the back of my mind I'm think: What's up with that? You jump in the creek without asking, but you need my permission to roll down the hill!!! Kids are just funny!!!


  1. Ha! Ha! I can just see it.

    This IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
    You are SO funny!


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