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May 19, 2009

5 thing I'm thankful for on May 19th

1) That my kids b-day party this past Sat, at a local children's museum, went well. The kids had a great time at the museum with their friends. Best of all it was "worry" free for me!

2) We were able to take a mini-vacation. DH had today and yesterday off of work. So we decided on a whim late Sunday Morning, early afternoon to stay a night at a hotel. In the process of pulling up local hotels in the city, we learned that the one attached to CoCo Keys Water Resort was having a special for May! A 2 day pass to CoCo Keys and a 1 one night stay at the hotel for a family for 4 for $99. (This was a great steal seeing a day pass just to CoCo Keys is $35 weekend/$25 daily per person.) So we basically got 2 days at the indoor water park and 1 night at the hotel for the price of 1 day at the water park. From what I understand that's only for the one here, just in case you have one near you.

3) Mini-Vacation! It was just nice to be "away" even it it was just for 2 days and 1 night and at a hotel 20 minutes from home! We left the phone (we only have a cell) and computers at home!

4) The kids joy! They were beaming ear to ear! They said the 2 days at the water park and 1 night at the hotel was the BEST vacation ever!!! They to be honest the first day they were more thrilled with the hotel room then the water park (at least for the first day). We actually spent our first 2 hours at the hotel in our room and on our room's patio. Not because we made them, but because they didn't want to leave our hotel room. Who knew that 2 beds, a bedside table, a TV, bathroom, and patio could be so much fun!

5) Being able to bunk with DD Sunday Night. We had 2 beds in our room, but the kids insisted that the boys (DH and DS) had to be in one bed and the girls (DD and myself) had to be in the other. It was nice just to able to snuggle with my DD last night....despite the fact that she kicks, wiggles, and laid on top of me in her sleep. If she's to marry in life, her hubby would either have to be wiling to tolerate her thrashing or get a king size bed and hope she'll stay on her side of the bed LOL!!!

PS: The kid's big play, the one I had to make costumes for, IS TODAY!!! I hope they do well!!!

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  1. OH my Oh my! I hope that the play is WONDERFUL!!! I KNOW the costumes are!!!
    Glad you had a nice vacation :)

  2. Yes the play was wonderful...but my kids in between the different performances (they had 2 performances) played at the park. I thought of you and when you read tomorrows post I'm sure you'll understand why! I'm just sad that I don't have pictures to share...

  3. Sounds like your vacation was great fun. What is it about kids and hotels- I remember my sister and I being fascinated by them as kids as well.
    Hope the play was a success!


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