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May 31, 2009

Golden Heart Award

Judy @ Benmakesten has awarded me with the "Golden Heart Award"! ~~Thanks Judy!

Seeing I have "accepted" this award I must pass it forward by giving this award to 5 more people.

Karinann @ Daughter of the King. Karinann has been a faithful follower of both of my blogs. This one and SAHMinIL Daybook! Not only that but I find her blog to be inspirational.

DarkPinguis @ Scene in Spirit Okay, I will admit that if you visit the blog it's "empty". However, I personally know DarkPinguis! He is the love of my life! It's because of him I'm able to be a SAH, homeschooling, Mama! I wouldn't be 1/2 the person I am without my beloved DH! He has great plans for his blog, if only he would do it! LOL (perhaps this is what you need honey to get started)

Shawntele @ Saved by Grace I met Shawntele via THL! She not only follows this blog, but is a member of my website. I also find her posting to be informational and fun to read.

My last 2 nominees I don't know as well as I know the others. However I enjoy reading their blogs. I have found them to be very informational especially for homeschoolers. It is for that reason I will also give them this award!

Susieqtpie @ The Homeschool Messenger

Evann @ Homeschool Goodies resources for Catholic Homeschoolers

Congrats to everyone!

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful surprise! As I was perusing what was in my Google Reader, I suddenly caught sight of my name. Thank you so much for this thoughtful gift and your kind and encouraging comments. I'm off to share the love...
    God Bless!


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