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May 18, 2009

Arrest Made @ Norte Dame

People that know me know that I don't really get into the politics of things. However seeing this over the weekend made me want to cry:

Of course seeing the above video made me wonder what's the "whole" story? What really happen before the arrest? From the best I can tell Father was arrested for trespassing. Father along with about 15 (some reports 50) other people walked onto Notre Dame property to PRAY (the rosary) as a form of protest to Obama being there, at Notre Dome, yesterday. The group was told earlier that if they did come onto Notre Dame property they would be arrested.

I'm sorry but Notre Dame IS A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. It's very, very, very sad to see Catholic-Clergy, being arrested @ a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY for PRAYING A CATHOLIC PRAYER. They may have been told that they would be arrested ahead of time. However I, for the life of me, can't figure out WHY a Catholic University would be apposed to a Catholic Priest leading a group into prayer on campus!!

Who cares if it was in protest for Obama being there?? Obama being there does NOT change the Catholic-view of abortion. I know many, many Catholics are upset about Obama being at Notre Dome. I don't blame them after all Norte Dome is a CATHOLIC University. And Catholics, in my opinion, should be able to speak out and say I don't like this! They should have been able to PRAY at a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!!


  1. This was indeed a sad display. However, these protesters broke through a security barrier to get closer to the Joy center that was off limits to protesters. They knew the consequences of breaking through the barrier. What is very sad is the Catholics who think there was nothing wrong with this whole situation.

  2. As a Catholic, I am more saddened by Fr. Jenkins, President of this University, than I am by Obama. Fr. Jenkins as well as the rest of the administrative staff knew full well what Obama stands for. He and they also know full well that it flies in the face of Catholic Teaching. All I can say is Shame on them! As for the protesters, well I think that sometimes quiet, prayerful protest speaks louder than outright demonstration. Yes they should have been allowed to pray on University grounds, but they were warned that they weren't. No body said they couldn't gather peacefully right outside university property.
    Sorry to get on a soapbox in you com-box but sometimes silence is golden on more than one level. Please, by all means delete this if you see fit- just felt the need to respond. Thanks and God Bless!

  3. I think this is one of the aspects about the whole thing that upset me the most. Was the arrest while praying. What kind of an example does this set for other about the Catholic faith?

  4. So much for freedom of religion....


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