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October 12, 2009

Picture of Jesus Arrested in Rockford, IL

I share this video here because this is my hometown and I know thanks to sitemeter that I have local people visiting my blog. The priest in this video is my parish priest. I also know from talking to Father that the owner of the abortion clinic has come out dressed as the devil and has proceeded to "bless" Father while Father and other local priests are there praying.

I know this has nothing to do with homeschooling and I understand that your position on abortion may be different then mine. I'm not debating abortion, nor do I want this to become a hub for debate.

I share this here, because I know I have local people, people that live in Rockford, that visit my blog daily and I want them to know what's going on in our hometown. I have more videos about the local clinic posted on my website: Catholic Christian Living.

Warning: The picture of Jesus in the WINDOW of the abortion clinic is offensive. It features Jesus given the bird with both hands. This offensive picture was NOT the one arrested. The one that was removed was a picture that was on displayed by the pro-lifer that was there to pray. The picture that was removed by the police was beautiful, godly, picture!

There was a previous picture of Jesus given the bird and that was removed as the local news has reported. However it has been replaced with a NEW picture and that new picture is shown in the video below.

The new picture has  not just one hand but 2 hands given the bird. I learned from talking to Father (the same one in the video) that the new picture was there 2 weeks ago and is still there today!!! It was 2 weeks ago that I also learned that the owner of the clinic dress himself as the devil and proceeded to "bless" the priests there that were praying.

So a beautiful, godly, loving picture of Christ is removed by police, but a picture featuring Christ given everyone the bird is left on displayed.

UPDATE: It was just brought to my attention that about 1:18-1:22 in the above video you can see a hand given the bird as well, in the window. I have taken a snapshot of the image from the video.

It's hard to tell in the still picture above but when the video is moving it is clear that it's a hand given the bird as well. It is my understanding that it is the hand of the abortion clinic owner.

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  1. It saddens me deeply to see what choices people are making in this life, in this world. Abortions aside, the complete disregard for Jesus is horrific.


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