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October 1, 2009

How To Make Elephant Bread?

How to Make Elephant Bread is a children book that Superstar read today. As result of this book we ate "snow on the roof" for dessert tonight.

It was a very good dessert I might add, perhaps a little cold for the weather we are having. "Snow on the roof" is one of those things that would be better served on a hot summer day! How to Make Elephant Bread, in my opinion, is a cross between a child's storybook and cookbook. Although none of the recipes required cooking! As a matter fact they all are something that my kids being 7 and 8 can do on their own. As matter of fact they are the ones that made tonight's dessert. (All by themselves I might add)

As for what is needed, if you have gram crackers, jam (or jelly), peanuts, peanut butter, raisins, applesauce, carrots, lunch meat, cheese, OJ, pineapple juice, tomato juice, carrots, celery, vanilla ice cream, and lettuce, then you can make ALMOST everything in the book.

Tonight's dessert we needed vanilla ice cream, gram crackers, and jam. It was yummy!! Tomorrow for snack we are going to make the one that requires applesauce, peanuts, and raisins. (I just forget what the book called it right now) Again, that will be something that Superstar and Web-princess can make on their own.

If you haven't heard of How to make Elephant Bread then please run to your local public library and check it out!! I'm sure if your kids are like mine, they will be happy that you did!!! Not all but most of the recipes are just made with "healthy food": veggies and fruits, which might tie in with the Subway Kits.


  1. ggggr girl , I thought you had a recipe.

    UUUUUUM NOT! lol

    Oh No the votes is not over with it is :(

  2. LOL Elephant Bread. The book does say how to make it!

    I can tell you: You need bread and peanut butter.

    (Hint: If you can make a peanut butter sandwich then you can make Elephant Bread LOL)

  3. rofl.

    Got something for you :)



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