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October 2, 2009

Lazer Maze: For gym Class

Yesterday we went down to my Mom's for another Art Class. On the way home we stopped at the mall to eat at the food court. Then we decided that we were going to walk around the upper level then go home. As we were walking we saw this new place in the mall called "Lazer Maze". There was signs that said this was NOT lazer tag. So I wonder what was it?

As I was standing there the guy comes over and asked, "Do you want to check it out? I'll let you check it out for FREE!" So I said "okay", and the kids and I went in. He demo the maze for the kids (we got to stand in the lazer lookout room to watch.) He then let each of the kids go for free.

The video, above,  shows you basically what the kids did. Although the one here did NOT have a diamond and didn't have a secret code to enter. The one here had two sensors, two buttons, that they had to hit. One in the middle and one at the end. They also had to come back to the beginning and hit the stop time button. Here if they hit or touch a sensor then it added 30 seconds to their time.

Anyway the guy let each one go for FREE, and seeing they were having fun, and seeing we were the ONLY ones there. I went a head and bought the $7 unlimited all day pass. The kids spent the next 2 hours going in and out of the maze. Sometime they went together sometimes they went by themselves. They each were trying to beat their best score.

They played at first on the easy level, then we asked the guy to change it to expert level. They did one round on that. Then we changed it to medium level, they were tired towards the end so it got moved back down to easy level. When it got moved down to easy level, Web-princess told the guy: "Hey some of the lights are missing?" She didn't realized that easy meant less lights. LOL

By the time we left both kids were red face and dripping with sweat. After all Superstar went from start to finish in 22 seconds. Web-princess best time was 40 seconds. Not only do they have to get down to the other end and back, but they had to avoid the lights. That meant jumping, crawling, and everything else in between. I estimate that they both went at least 100 times each in those 2 hours that we were there. Hey I thought I got a good deal! What do you think?

We most definitely will be going back. Of course that will before Superstar's surgery this month. I'm hoping I can get a "field trip" with some of the families in my co-op.


  1. How fun! And probably the best gym class ever, lol.

    Praying for your daughter's surgery.

  2. Thank-you for the prayers. It's my SON that is having surgery.


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