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October 7, 2009

Do You Know Your States?

This kids and I had fun playing with this website: Know Your States.

You have to place the states CORRECTLY on the map! It's a little tricky because the state lines are NOT drawn on the map. Of course once you start filling in the states it gets easier. If you place the state in the wrong spot then the correct spot shows up in red and you have to place the state there.....

I got 84%. What did you get?


  1. This was great fun. I scored 84% as well. I may open this up on our computer at the learning center for the kids to do. We have a point incentive system. I'll offer 5 extra points to anyone scoring 80% or higher. Maybe 10 if anyone gets 100%.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks! That was fun - I got a 94. Now, let's see what my kids get!

  3. WOW- Evann! That's Fanatic! Karinann said she's given 5 extra point to anyone that scores over 80%. LOL I hope your kids enjoy it as well!!

    I know my did, they didn't score high because they are still learning those things, but it still was fun!

  4. Jacob gets a kick out of that site :)


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