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October 29, 2009

You Homeschool: So how did you get sick?

That is basically what the nurse asked us yesterday. You see Superstar was suppose to have surgery yesterday for ITW, we went to the surgical center with the intent to have surgery done, but got sent home because Superstar was running a fever. He had a cough too, and they listen to his lungs yesterday and they were clear, but because of the fever they said they could not do the surgery.

So the nurse turned to us after realizing that Superstar was sick and that I myself wasn't feeling the greatest, and asked "You homeschool, so how did he get exposed to germs? I mean he's not in school with other kids".

I just looked at her and said we belong to a homeschool group that meets weekly and a lot of the group members have been sick lately. And my husband piped in that they may have also got it from the workout place. She then just looked at us and said "oh, that makes sense."

Yes even homeschooler are not immune to germs and if we are expose to them we will get sick just like anyone else! Granted we don't spend our days with a bunch of other kids that may or may not be sick, so the likely hood of us being exposed is slimmer but it still happens. We do go to the store, we go to church, we go to play centers, and play grounds, and have weekly meeting with other homeschoolers. We are around other people that may or may not be sick.

I will say though that our group of homeschoolers are pretty good about staying home when they are sick, but you just never know. It's possible to be carrying the germs even if you have no symptoms yourself.

We most likely have your run of the mill viral infection: coughs, fevers, vomit, chills, sore throats, runny noses, etc.


  1. Oh Girl tell me she did not go there. UUUUG

  2. She so went there! To be honest I was more in shock then anything.

  3. Oh No doubt,I would of said to HER Oh this must be a stupid moment for you lol

  4. This is so true. We get germs when we go shopping and push that dirty cart. I always wipe mine with a germ killing wipe. Kroger is one of the stores here who supply you with the wipes. Doylene

  5. yeah all of the store here provide wipes now. We had local schools close do to H1N1.

  6. Next time say, "I don't know! I keep my children in a bubble all the time, never leaving the house, so how in the world could they get sick?" good grief!


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