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October 16, 2009

A Choir Of Angels?

Judy @ Benmakesten talks about how a Choir of Angels is there to help us discern the will of God in her latest post: Week Two of Co-Op. Do you know about the 9 choirs of Angels?

After reading Judy's post I had angels in mind and can't help but wonder if they had a hand in saving this little boy from the train. The little boys stroller rolls off the platform and lands on the tracks. Right before the mother's eyes a train comes rolling in and drives right over the boy! He was safe and fine and unharmed!!! Praise God!


  1. That kid was lucky. Thank God he wasn't hurt..

  2. Wow... I heard about the story, but hadn't see the video. I can only begin to imagine the horror that mom felt. Thank goodness he was unharmed and yes, I can imagine angels holding on to him keeping him safe as he was whisked away down the tracks. His pram fell apart along the way...but something held him up there in place. hmmm....

  3. Exactly, something held him in place and kept him safe from the train. :)

  4. Praise God AND His holy angels for saving that precious little boy!
    Thanks for the link today SAHMinIL!

    I hope that the train company installs SAFETY RAILS now!!!!!!!!!!


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