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June 14, 2016


As I shared yesterday we had plans to go fishing. We went, fished for about two hours, and over all had a great time. We are going to go again later this week.

Well, perhaps. It was good, but the kids were upset we got nothing, not even a bite. I told them we would try a different spot.

I did indeed get a license this morning. Getting the license gave Web-Princess and I something to talked about. We talked about how you have to pay for the license and how the state needed my driver license and social security number.  This shocked her some. She didn't understand why the state needed both.

I explained to her it's to make sure you don't owe the state any money, don't owe child support, etc.  I think mentioning child support triggered something in her. She immediately thought about parents taking care of their kids. I think she misunderstood somewhat what child support meant. However, her thoughts were thoughtful.

She said, "I think it's horrible the state charges people for a license and would stop people for getting one.  People can feed their kids if they were able to fish. Why stop them from being able to fish?"

This is how I know she misunderstood what child support meant.  She didn't realize it meant a parent giving money to the other parent for the child. She thought it meant caring for the child: food, shelter, clothing, etc.  She was horrified to think the state would stop someone from being able to fish and provide for their family, food, for "free" or cheap.

She knows enough to know catching fish is cheaper then buying fish.

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