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August 29, 2009

CSI: Workshop!

In my recent Thankful Blessing Post, I made mention that I might be taking my kids to a CSI: Workshop. Well just today I was given more info about the workshop.

According to the CSI CAMP website, we will be investigating finger prints, tire prints, blood presence testing, handwriting analysis, and there will be a mocked crime scene to investigate.

It is pricey $50 for the first child and $35 for any child after that. However the parents are encouraged to participate as well. The parents participation is FREE. So for $85 all 4 of us can participate. (originally I was told it was $50 for the first and $40 for the second: That's why I thought $90).

I'm sharing this here, also, because according to the CSI CAMP website they will be offer similar workshop classes in OMAHA, ROCKFORD, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. CLOUD, SIOUX FALLS, RAPID CITY, CHICAGO, ROCHESTER, AND MILWAUKEE.

They also state on their website that they are looking for new locations and that they offer their camps and other services THROUGH OUT the USA! If you are interested all you have to do is contact them. (contact info is provided on the site). They have a special tab just for homeschoolers and are willing to work with your homeschooling group/co-op to plan a time that would be beneficial for your group. I guess it helps that Thomas Jones the man behind CSI Crime Labs is a homeschooler too.

The date our that our homeschool group set up is the same day as the FREE museum admissions. I just have to figure out which one we want to do, if any! LOL

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