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August 9, 2009

School Again!

Well back in June/July I announced we started school, then I said we were taking a week off because it got terribly hot! Well that week turned out to be the rest (or most of) the summer!

Which is totally okay! However, tomorrow we are going to hit the books again! Honestly, I'm looking forward to it and I believe the kids are too. Our homeschool group is also meeting up again soon...within the next week or 2...so it's beginning to feel a little more like "school time" :)

Not sure what there is going to be yet for co-op classes. I should be getting that info sometime this week. Our co-op offers a variety of classes. The schedule generally works like this: 2 classes, then lunch, and a class after lunch.

What classes are available is totally depended on the parents that choose to teach a class. We can be there for all the classes or just for what we want. Like the last semester of last school year the kids just went to play practice and that was it. We do try hard to have at least one class per age level, per class time, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

Anyway that's what's going on here. I'm going to be working on my lesson plans today and hope to have them posted soon on my lesson plan page. I wonder if there is away for me to post a doc of some sort so I don't have to retype everything.... hmm... something to consider especially if I'm going to be "sharing". :)

Perhaps some of my readers know of some FREE programs that would allow me to share docs or make pdf? That would also allow me to share them but edit them any time if needed. Not only that but the editing wouldn't effect what was shared. As a matter of fact it would auto edit what I shared. Does that make sense to anyone? Any ideas?


  1. Enjoy your back-to-school week!
    And I hope you have a great co-op:)
    We will be hosting co-op at our house again in October...we are very excited about it!

    As for your request for free programs to create pdf files...
    Try this and see how you like it...this is what I use:
    There's an editing program you can get from there also.

  2. Don't know if I can help you with the programs you're looking for but Pioneer Woman has the BEST spelling program link. It's free and you can make up their word lists and the do crossword puzzles with them and other fun exercises. I'll be using it again this year. Wish I could think of the company but you can find it easily, I think, on her site. Blessings to your homeschooling year!!!


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