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August 19, 2009

Review: SpellQuizzer

Product: SpellQuizzer

Creator: TedCo Software

Short Description: SpellQuizzer is a software program that helps children master their spelling and vocabulary. Using SpellQuizzer you can create custom word lists to match any spelling or vocabulary curriculum you are using or just to focus on a child's "problem words". SpellQuizzer makes spelling and vocabulary practice fun for your child!

Review: We had mixed reactions regarding SpellQuizzer. My son (8; 3rd grade) loved it! My daughter (7; 2nd grade) did not care for it.

For my son SpellQuizzer did turn out to be a blast to use. He mastered all of his spelling words for the week. Not only that but he was eager to get the next weeks spelling words up and going.

At the beginning of the week I sat down with my son and together we made a list of his spelling words. I did the typing and he enjoyed recording himself for the spelling list. SpellQuizzer does have an automatic spell check build in so you can allow your child to create their list totally on their own, which is something I'm going to allow my 8 year old to do in the future.

For the rest of week he used the spelling list that we made to study his spelling words and by the end of the week he mastered his list. I think he spent about 5-10 minutes each day on program. He would do the list and if the word was misspelled it would tell him the correct spelling. At the end it would tell him how many he missed total and asked if he wanted to redo the ones he missed. If he missed some he would redo them until they were all correct then he was done for the day. By the end of the week he was getting them correct on the first try. When he aced his test he exclaimed, "I want to use SpellQuizzer again! It made it easy!!".

My daughter on the other hand was not receptive to the program. She, like her brother, enjoyed recording her words, but when it came time to actually use the program she was very put off by it. She didn't like the fact that it said the word "quiz" in the title of the program. It made her feel like it was a test and that started the whole issue we had with her when it came to using this program. So for her it didn't really remove that dreaded "battle" when it came to studying for a spelling test. I know this has to do more with her personality then the actual program. She really didn't allow herself to get use to the program because she was upset by the name of the program. I would tell her it wasn't a test, or quiz, and she would come back with "Well if it's not a test/quiz why is it called a quiz?" She just had this preconceived idea that somehow this was a TEST and would not allow herself to honestly try to use the program completely.

But, even though there was some major resistance on her part, I did notice a slight increase in her spelling abilities too. I'm sure if she would have allowed herself to use the program without the resistance her spelling would have been better.

Despite my daughters reactions I found the program easy to use. This is going to be something that we will continue to use for my son and with time hope that our daughter will warm up to the program so that she can get the complete benefits as well.

We only used it for our spelling words, but it can used for vocabulary words for science, social studies, or any other class that would have vocabulary words.

Program cost? The program can be bought for $29.95 for a lifetime license for use on one computer or a "family pack" can be bought for $49.95. The family pack allows you install and use the software on up to five computers. It's not necessary to have the family pack seeing you can make as many list as you want with the program.

The purchase of the program also gives you access to FREE pre-made spelling lists. These lists can be downloaded and used with the program. They include a list of common misspelled words, a list of "sight words", and many more.

Another great feature of this program is that your spelling lists can be exported or imported from other sources. This can be handy if you belong to a co-op that uses the same spelling words. With using the import and export functions families can share lists rather then each one making the list up independently. Of course in order to use this function each family would need this program. SpellQuizzer does offer a homeschooling group discount rate.

So even though we had mix reactions here, I still think SpellQuizzer is useful and I'm glad that I have had the opportunity to use the program. This is something that I am going to continue to use for my son (8; 3rd grade). I hope my daughter (7; 2nd grade) will warm up to it, because it can help her too!

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of SpellQuizzer by TedCo Software in order to write my honest opinion of this product for this review.

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  1. It sounds a bit like SpellingCity.com. It's the free website our public school uses for weekly spelling lists. WebPrincess might be more receptive to that site since it doesn't have quiz in the name. It's one of only a few websites that my daughter is allowed to visit.


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