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August 9, 2009

Lesson Plans Posted!

First I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful suggestions that I got on my blog and off my blog via emails! You guys are awesome for wanting to help me out!!! For that I'm thankful!

I looked over several of the suggestions and I've decided to get a scribd account. I've made up my lesson plans for this week like I try to do in Microsoft word and when I was done I uploaded the document to scribd. Then I embedded the document into my lesson plans web-page (see link in menu bar above).

I'm happy with the results! This is going to be such a time saver for me! So lesson plans for this week are up and posted! WooHoo...it feels so good to get back into the swing of things! Now if we can only get a break for this heat wave. LOL

Oh one more thing before I go. If you view my lesson plans you will see the kids now have "code names". Frankly I've been tired of using DS and DD, but yet I'm not comfortable with posting their names. So I asked the kids what they wanted for "code names".

DS told me Superstar and DD told me Web-princess, but I can use princess for short :) So from this day forward DS is going to be known as Superstar and DD is going to be known as (web) princess.

Okay have a great week! Superstar's EMG/NCV is going to take place this Wednesday, so I just ask that you keep him in your prayers.

Thanks and God Bless

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