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August 12, 2009

I'm Thankful...

I'm thankful that I'm able to stay home with my kids! Yes it has it's challenges and at times I just to want to throw in the towel. However, I'm truly thankful that I'm able to stay home with them!

It's not a large list today, my mind is all wrapped up in Superstar and his EMG/VNC test that he is having this afternoon. I pray that the testing goes well.

Oh wait, I just thought of another thankful moment! I get to go to a Bears game next weekend in the Windy City. Okay, I'll admit I'm not much of a football fan, but it's still a cool thing to be able to go do. Especially seeing I'm going with my Mom. (She's a football nut LOL)

Thanks Judy for hosting this MEME


  1. Praying for your son! My 11yo dd is a toe walker too, and we were given several NON-surgical options by what we think is a good orthopedist (at Johns Hopkins - great hospital so we tend to trust them) - physical therapy, exercises, casting...probably another I can't remember. Of course every child is different, but I hope you can find a good answer for you and your son!

  2. How fun to see Cutler play, have a great time!

  3. LOL! Shawntele! I'm such a dork! Okay, I know how football works, but I don't follow football so I have no idea who is playing for who! I had to read your reply 3 times before it even registered with me! Then I had to google Cutler to see who (or what) he was! LOL

    I'm going, but I wasn't the first draft to go. My mom extended the invite to my DH first. She has one extra ticket and at first thought my DH would like to go.

    He declined for personal reasons really, his first (and last) game was with my Dad before he passed away and my DH told my mom I rather not go and keep that memory, so then the invite got extended to me. I said sure, because I was like why not! LOL

    Okay, so I guess I should at least study up on some of the names of the current players so I don't look like a total dork while at the game! LOL

    I use to know that stuff, but with my dad's passing I don't keep up on it any more! LOL

  4. Sometimes the smallest little thanks end up being the greatest experiences.

    Have fun at the football game. I despise football, but since I'm in the extreme minority over here (2 to 1), I do find myself watching a great deal.


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